Born on June 27th 1978, sign cancer/libra. Since 1999 i´ve been playing tribal instruments, doing optical installations, webdesign and photography. From 1999 to 2003 i monthly organized “Didge&Drum circles”, open music jams for everyone. Professionals and beginners came together and did extatic music sessions.In 2000 i had my first experience in overtone music, i was fascinated by the consciousness-changing sound and i started to practice overtone singing. 2003 i developed and constructed my first Monochord.

Same year, in Lech am Arlberg, i met Jodok. He was the village priest and sang Gregorian chants.
Later on we recorded a lot of chants in an old church and through that we produced the cd “Klangrausch-Lautlos in Lech”.  In this time the name „Klangrausch“ was created and the vision of our project took shape.

In 2004 i met Christian from Ederhof, he lived with his family in the countryside and had a recording studio there. Christian is an excellent producer and guitar player. For more then three years i lived at the Ederhof and did a lot of music, sound and visual experiments.

2006 i travelled to Varanasi the capital city of Indian music. The purpose of my travel was to practice Tabla (an Indian drum) and get more into the mood of Indian music. Being in Varanasi I also started to construct and build Monochords and many people, indians and foreigners,saw and heard it for the first time and were fascinated by it‘s sound.

In 2007 i got the “Phönix Klangsäulen”, a very special sound system which produces a 360 degree sound, almost like a sound ball. My focus then was to start and bring different elements together. For example optical installations with sound in interesting venues such as churches, castles, old fabrics and of course outside in the nature.

2008/2009 i started to become professional in photography and specialized myself in 360°panorama presentations. Check out www.pano-erbauer.com for more information.

Until today i have worked with so many different artists in many different ways and on many special events around the world like in Europe, Dubai, NY, India, Ibiza, Lithuania, Lebanon,… doing mindblowing sound and optical installations.

I would like to invite you to explore my website to see all my work, ideas and information.
I hope you enjoy it and if you want to share ideas, work with me or want to book me for your event, please feel free to get in contact with me …a decision you definitely won’t regret!

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